Prices the cost of getting a .com

The Internet web page is made up of a few items. Firstly is the html this is the script that makes up a web site. Each page is a list of commands telling the computer what to display this is known a hypertext mark up language (H.T.M.L). On each page is graphics animated or not these are called gifs. Once you have your web site complete with graphics and links. You can just host it yourself if you have an Internet account A.O.L, freesevre, these offer user around 20meg of free space (Loads for the average account). Or you can obtain a domain name and then host your site. Getting a bit in detail but likes to explain in full every stage of what we can do!!!! A domain name is a .com, .net, and Right thatís enough lets start prices total internet soloutions

Prices in British pounds (Sterling)

  1. H.T.M.L scripting from £20 per page
  2. Hosting on a ISP in your name (I.E AOL Freeserve etc) we upload it on your account details remotely from our site Free (If we have supplied your html)
  3. Domain name forwarding we give you a list and prices of the best forwarding for your choose of domain (.com .net you pay us an extra £20 administration fee and we set up your forwarding and upload your site
  4. Submission to Search engines( Depends on scale) from 0.50p
  5. On site setup and configuration of your P.C. and training (If Required) £100 per day plus per mile travel allowance (To and from Destination)Details available on request

We endeavor to give you the best solution to you individual needs. With the Internet getting bigger by the second contact us now!!!!