Examples of web sites


Here easyonto.com has supplied copies of 3 websites Hartley Sewing machines, Trevelyans deep drawn presswork and www.marrelldrums.com. Trevelyans and harley sewing machines are accessed on this site and Marrelldrums directly from marrelldrums.com. Trevelyans is a nice small but impressive site created only from 3 pages of literature supplied by Trevelyans. Our technicians supplied the rest of the extensive graphics and literature. Using Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver software plus other selectively chosen software. Hartley sewing machines is a more advanced site with over 50 pages of litrature created on using various packages including photoshop. Finally Marrelldrums is one that we have directly worked with the client to create there site although started and administered by ourselves. The client has devolped there site with our help to a customized soultion. To browse these site click on the links below.




Trevelyans web site